English Idioms

This page is intended for people who are learning English. Therefore, it will be mostly in English, with a few explanations in Spanish.

Idioms (modismos en espaƱol) are expressions that don’t make sense from their words. For example, “to get a kick out of” something means to get pleasure from it. “I got a kick out of George Carlin” doesn’t mean that he hit me with his foot! It means that I really enjoyed his humor.

I’ll be adding idioms, in no particular order, as I have time. An internet search for “English idioms” will yield several sources of idioms, with their definitions. Before you know it, you’ll be “talking a blue streak,” using idioms “like a pro.”

Some common English Idioms

to talk a blue streak: to talk very rapidly or to talk a great deal, without stopping

like a pro: pro, short for “professional”; with great skill